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Street Signs

The City of Ankeny has over 15,000 traffic and street signs, so a lot of attention is given to their fabrication, installation and maintenance. The City has its own sign shop, which fabricates signs for use on city streets, and makes specialty signs for other city departments. The signs are designed and installed according to national and international standards.

If you have a special request for a sign in your neighborhood, please Contact Us. One sign that we receive numerous requests for each year is the "Children at Play" sign. This sign is intended to be used in areas where large numbers of children are present, such as a regional park or playground. It has been the City's policy not to erect this sign in residential neighborhoods, because it suggests that children will be safe to play in the street. There are children in many of the neighborhoods throughout the City and to place a sign at the end of each street would desensitize the traveling public to these signs.

Stop signs that are missing or damaged are considered urgent problems requiring a quick resolution. If you see a problem with a stop sign, please call us right away at 515-963-3520. You may also make a Report Online.

Problems can be reported in three ways:

  1. E-mail us with the description and location of the problem and any other pertinent information. Please include your name and home phone number for our records.
  2. Call the City Maintenance Facility from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 515-965-6481.
  3. For after hours problems or emergencies call Polk County Dispatch at 515-286-3333.

Traffic Signals

Public Works currently maintains 47 signalized intersections. The signals are designed, constructed and operated to allow for the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians through heavily traveled or hazardous locations. Nearly all of the traffic signals in the city are triggered by overhead cameras or detection loops in the street pavement. These cameras or loops sense the presence of a vehicle and notify the signal that a vehicle is at the intersection. Many of the signals along the major streets have timing patterns that change depending on the time of day or the day of the week to provide optimal traffic flow through the intersections.

Traffic Signal Repair

Requests for a new signalized intersection can be made to the Public Works Director at 515-963-3522.

Problems with traffic signals occasionally occur because of electrical component failure, power fluctuations and damaged or burned-out bulbs. A couple of common problems are for the red, green or yellow lamps to be out or flashing signals.

Problems can be reported in three ways:

  1. Report a Traffic Light Problem online with the description and location of the problem and any other pertinent information. 
  2. Call the City Maintenance Facility from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at 515-965-6481.
  3. For after hours problems or emergencies please call the Polk County Dispatch at 515-286-3333.

Street Lights

The City of Ankeny leases a majority of the street lights from MidAmerican Energy. However, the City does own and maintain a number of street lights, including the Ankeny Uptown area. The Engineering Division keeps an inventory of existing street lights and oversees the installation of new street lights on all public and private projects. The street lights are installed at intersections and intermediate locations to provide safe and comfortable lighting levels at night. The lighting levels are also reviewed with respect to reducing light pollution and glare.

If you have a street light out in your neighborhood call MidAmerican Energy at 1-888-427-5632 or use their online problem reporting form.

Safe Routes to School

The Ankeny Safe Routes to School Study was completed in August 2009, as requested by the City of Ankeny and the Ankeny Community School District, to evaluate transportation system and traffic control needs related to providing safe routes for children walking and bicycling to and from school. The study included the eight elementary schools and two middle schools in Ankeny, and was based on recent elementary school boundary changes.

Key elements of the study included:

  • Data collection
  • Evaluation of school routes and development of school route maps
  • Identification and evaluation of route improvement and control measure needs
  • Preparation of cost opinions and prioritization of proposed improvements

Funding for the study was provided by the Iowa Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program, the City of Ankeny and the Ankeny Community School District. The 2005 SAFETEA-LU federal transportation bill established the SRTS Program to increase safety and encourage more children to walk and bike to and from school. Expected results include improved health for children, reductions in congestion near schools, and improved air quality. The program is based on the five E's: engineering, education, enforcement, encouragement, and evaluation. Further information regarding the Iowa SRTS Program can be found at the website.

PDF Document downloads

Ankeny Safe Routes to School – Main Document

Individual School Locations – Route Maps and Recommended Improvements

Ashland Ridge Elementary School – 2600 NW Ash Drive
Crocker Elementary School – 2910 SW Applewood Street
East Elementary School – 710 SE Third Street
Northeast Elementary School – 1705 NE Trilein Drive
Northview Middle School – 1010 NW Prairie Ridge Drive
Northwest Elementary School – 1202 W First Street
Parkview Middle School – 105 NW Pleasant Street
Southeast Elementary School – 1005 SE Trilein Drive
Terrace Elementary School – 310 NW School Street
Westwood Elementary School – 2920 NW 9th Street

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