The Communications Department serves as an information link between the community, City Council, City staff and the media.

The office is charged with the responsibility of planning and implementing a comprehensive communications program that includes news releases, social media, the City's website, Biennial Citizen Survey, surveys and focus groups, brochures, flyers, special events, community enhancement programs, media relations, advertising, public awareness campaigns, and more.

The Communications Department is also responsible for brand management and strategic communications on behalf of the City and partners with the City Council and City departments to:

  • Ensure consistent quality, thoroughness and effectiveness in City public information materials and programs.

  • Inform the community of the critical issues confronting City government as well as Ankeny's programs, services and special events.

  • Explain the process of local government to residents and business owners and inform them of how they can participate.

  • Promote City Council and departmental goals, initiatives, programs and services.

  • Keep the City Council and City staff informed so they are able to better serve members of the community.

  • Make the use of City programs and services as easy and comfortable as possible.

  • Serve as an information source and maintain an open line of communication and a positive working relationship with and between residents, the business community, the media, elected officials and City staff.

  • Help create community pride among citizens and positive identification with our city. 

  • Build upon our existing good relationship with the media so they can serve as a credible source of information on City activities.