Development Engineering

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Development Review and G.I.S.


The technical review process for private development within the City of Ankeny includes a review by the Development Engineering Division staff. The engineers review subdivision plats, site plans, planned unit developments, rezonings and various other items submitted to the City and collaborate with the Planning and Building Department during the review process.

The design elements that are typically reviewed include:

  • Drainage
  • Utilities
  • Street layouts
  • Lot dimensioning
  • Construction materials and procedures
  • Future expansion to adjacent properties
  • Overall coordination with the City's existing infrastructure

The engineering review provides quality assurance that public improvements are built to the proper standards and safety regulations for the protection of the general public.

The Development Engineering Division is also responsible for the observation of infrastructure improvements for public and private development projects. The engineering technicians monitor the construction of streets and utilities to make sure the public infrastructure is constructed according to the project's plans and specifications. This requires substantial coordination with developers and contractors during all phases of construction.

As a function of the development process, the Development Engineering Division is responsible for maintaining records of all public improvements. The City utilizes a Geographic Information System (G.I.S.) database to assure that data is always current and easily accessible by all City departments and the general public. In order to keep the G.I.S. database current, information is entered and updated daily.