Capital Improvements Program and Engineering Projects

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The Engineering Division works with the City Manager's office to develop the City of Ankeny's annual Capital Improvements Program (C.I.P.). This document lists and categorizes the planned capital improvement projects that the City will undertake within the next five years. The City Council approves the C.I.P. on an annual basis and uses this document to establish the budget for all public improvement projects.

The Engineering Division administers all of the Public Works capital improvement projects. Some of these projects are designed by private consulting firms, while others are designed using in-house engineering staff. The engineers are responsible for managing all projects from initial concept through construction. The Engineering Division assists other departments with design and construction projects, including the Parks and Recreation Department.

The typical list of projects completed in a year include:

  • New street projects
  • Recreational trails and sidewalks
  • Water mains and sanitary sewers
  • Storm sewer and drainage system improvements
  • Park facilities (playgrounds, shelters, etc.)
  • Street reconstruction and widening
  • Traffic signal installations
  • Bridges and box culverts
  • Parking lots
  • Street patching and overlays