Right of Way Permit Process

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Utility companies and contractors who work within City of Ankeny public rights of way or within other assets under City jurisdiction are required to obtain a permit from the City of Ankeny’s Public Works Department – Division of Engineering. The process requires:

  • Submittal of a permit application and a $40 fee
  • Submittal of a location map
  • Submittal of a simple sketch detailing the work for which the permit is being requested

When submitted, the City will review the permit request as soon as possible. Please anticipate a minimum of 24 hours for City staff to review the application and issue the permit. The permit packet will be returned to the requestor with an assigned permit number, date of issuance and permit expiration date; an attachment to the application outlining the general conditions of the permit; and any pertinent details, maps and/or drawings that are attachments to the permit.

The construction or working crew on the project must have an original City approved plan, pertinent permit attachments and approved permit application on site at all times during work and/or operations in the City’s right of way. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the work being stopped until the appropriate paperwork has been filed and approved.