Routine Sewer Cleaning and Televising

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Routine Sewer Cleaning

The Wastewater Utility of the Public Works Department - Utilities Division performs a routine cleaning program of the sanitary sewers. City staff uses a pressurized water jet and vacuum system to clean the City's sanitary sewer pipes. By spraying high pressure water at the inside of the sanitary pipes we can remove grease, sediment, scale build-up, and in most cases, tree roots that have infiltrated through joints or cracks in the pipe walls. By keeping the pipes clean we reduce the possibility of sewer backing-up into private service lines that could cause slow drains or even a sewage back-up into homes or businesses.

Routine Sewer Televising

To augment the sewer cleaning program we have a camera that moves through the sewers on a robotic crawler. We use this to inspect the inside of the sewers to check on pipe conditions such as cracks, roots, or places where the pipe might be ready to fail. It is also a great way to see how well we are cleaning the sewers.