Pluggies' Partners

Adopt A Fire Hydrant In Your Neighborhood

The Pluggies Partners Program is designed to actively involve your child in helping firefighters, your neighbors, and your community.

By "adopting" a fire hydrant and agreeing to help care for it during the winter months, you will help save the Fire Department precious minutes during a fire.

The program is intended to keep the child's interest throughout the winter months and your child's efforts will be rewarded in the spring with a certificate and a picnic at the Ankeny Fire Department.

For questions, email the Ankeny Fire Department or call 515-965-6469.

Safety Tips & Guidelines

  • Each child should be responsible for one hydrant.
  • To the best of their ability, the child should clear (generally with direct parent participation) approximately a 3 to 4 foot circle around the hydrant. This should only be done on quiet, residential streets; it should be done with parental supervision.
  • Report the following to the Fire Department's non-emergency number at 515-965-6469
    • Caps missing or broken
    • Water leaking from your hydrant
  • Hydrants will be monitored to be sure your child is a good caretaker.
  • Do not step into the road while clearing a hydrant; have an adult help you if the plow piles are too high.
  • If the hydrant you are adopting is across the street, an adult should accompany the child for safety reasons.
  • If the hydrant is not on your property, be sure to ask your neighbor's permission first!
  • Never step onto the street while shoveling the hydrant.
  • Wear bright clothes so vehicles can see you!

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