Right of Way Permit

Work within City of Ankeny public rights-of-way or within other assets under City jurisdiction likely requires a right-of-way permit. Anticipated roadway lane and sidewalk or trail closures may also require our right-of-way permit.

How to Apply

To apply for a right-of-way permit:

  1. Submit a Right-of-Way Permit Application (PDF), plus a $40 fee, or apply via our permitting and licensing web portal.
  2. Submit a location map.
  3. Submit a detailed drawing or drawings detailing the work being proposed for permit. Refer to Submittal Requirements for Right-of-Way Permit (PDF).

We prefer that the permit application be submitted via the City's permitting and licensing web portal. Select "Excavation in Public Right-of-Way" under "Engineering Permits" to apply for this permit. Doing so does not require the submittal of the permit application form as the necessary information is filled out in the portal permit request process. The portal allows for online payment with a credit card and allows the applicant to track the permit processing status. Please use the contacts listed on this page for instructions on how to register in our web portal if you are not already registered.

Once submitted, we will review the permit request as soon as possible. Please anticipate a minimum of five business days for us to review the application. Upon approval, a permit packet will be issued to the applicant with an assigned permit number, date of issuance or approval, permit expiration date, and the general conditions of the permit; including any pertinent details, maps, and/or drawings.

What the Permit Allows You to Do

The issued permit packet shall be in the possession of the on-site work crew and available for review at all times. The City may stop and ask to review the issued permit at any time during the duration of the permitted work. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the work being suspended.

Non-Franchise Utility & Small Wireless Facilities

Please refer to the City of Ankeny Code of Ordinances Chapter 122 for information and additional fees.


Contact Us

For questions regarding Right of Way permits, please contact Liz Van Zomeren or Sam Homan.

For utility conflicts and relocations related to CIP (Public Government) projects, please contact Jacob Teter.