Who are these people in my yard? Are they allowed to be there?

Yes. MetroNet established a franchise agreement with the city of Ankeny, and they are obtaining the necessary permits to build out their network. Just like other utility companies, MetroNet has the right to access the city's right-of-way, which extends across streets from sidewalk to sidewalk, and easement areas, typically located along the street, the sidewalk, the rear lot line, or between two lots. Utility companies use easements to construct and maintain overhead and underground lines. MetroNet crews have legal access to these areas to install their fiber cables, in addition to equipment such as boxes buried at ground level, typically placing them in a central location utilized by multiple utility providers. If your easement is within a fenced area of your property, MetroNet will need access to this area as well. For more information about easements, and what you can expect during construction, click the CONSTRUCTION PROCESS tab at the MetroNet Construction website. If you have questions or concerns, call MetroNet's customer care line at 877-386-3876.

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2. Who are these people in my yard? Are they allowed to be there?
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