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Library Meeting Room Application

  1. Apply to reserve a meeting room at the Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library!

  2. Event Information
  3. These dates are not guaranteed until you speak with a library representative. Please keep in mind our Meeting Room Policy (PDF).

  4. Is the organization governmental or have non-profit, tax-exempt status? *
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  9. Do you plan to have food or alcohol at your event?*

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  10. Do you need any of the following equipment / furniture / resources for your event?

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  11. Library Disclaimers
    • I have read and agree to follow the guidelines and pay fees as listed in the Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library Meeting Room Policy.
    • I understand that there are a limited number of tables and chairs available. The library will do its best to provide the requested number, but I understand it is my responsibility to double-check that the library has enough prior to your event.
    • I understand I am responsible for the set-up and tear-down of equipment, furniture, etc.
    • I understand I am responsible to become familiar with the AV control panel and other equipment which will be used during my rental. The library staff will not operate the equipment during the event and no technical support is provided. (
    • I understand that I may need to contact staff prior to your event to be trained on the AV control panel)
    • I hereby acknowledge that I am responsible for the condition of the room(s) at the end of my event and am responsible for the cost of all damages. It is my responsibility to request a pre-event walkthrough if desired.
    • All events must end at the scheduled departure time. No event will end later than midnight Friday and Saturday at 8 pm. Sunday with no exceptions.
    • Alcohol Indemnification Clause: I hereby agree to hold harmless, indemnify and defend Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library and/or the City of Ankeny, its employees, agents, and representatives from any claims, costs including attorneys' fees, actions, arbitrations, lawsuits, and otherwise, arising out of or in connection with use or consumption of alcohol by me or anyone attending my function utilizing the Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library facilities. I acknowledge it is against the law to serve, provide, or make available alcohol to anyone under the age of twenty-one. I am solely responsible and liable for any damages that result from someone under the age of twenty-one consuming alcohol including, but not limited to, property damage, personal injury, death, or disfigurement to themselves, as well as property damage, personal injury, death, disfigurement, or loss of consortium to third parties.
    • Misrepresentation of the above data or failure to abide by the rules established will be cause for denial of further use of the meeting room
  12. I have read and understood the above disclaimers.

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