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Mystery Book Group

We'll Meet Again, by Mary Higgins Clark

he year they graduated from college, Julia and Frances, two lifelong friends, were caught up in a vicious crime. Julia was accused of murder and -- despite her protests of innocence (and her belief that Frances was the actual killer) -- she was convicted. She spends the next fifteen years in prison, while Frances, whom many believe actually committed the murder, lives as a virtual pariah among their families and mutual friends. A third woman, Lindsey, who had been friends of both Julia and Frances, has become a lawyer and works passionately to see Julia cleared of the crime and uncover the truth. When Julia is released at the age of 36 for time served, she is no longer the protected, pampered young woman who went behind bars. Now she is a mature and seasoned veteran of the prison system, and the first item on her agenda now that she is free is to settle the score with her former friend, Frances. 
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