Fees and Fines

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Sharing is the basis for any community's lending library. Sharing means that when you borrow an item you agree to bring it back by a certain date so that someone else in your community has an opportunity to borrow it.

There are a limited number of materials in the library and we want everyone to have a fair chance of finding what they want. To encourage equal sharing the library charges overdue fines when materials are kept longer than the date due.

When an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, you will be asked to pay the library's cost of replacing it. When an item is damaged, you will be charged a fee to cover the cost of repair.

Overdue Fees

  • $0.50 per day for DVDs and Blu-Rays
    Maximum $5.00 fine

  • $3.00 per day for equipment
    Maximum $15.00 fine

  • $0.20 cents per day for all other items (including interlibrary)
    Maximum $5.00 fine

Patrons are charged no more than $5 in overdue fees for any one item. Equipment, however, can accrue overdue fees of up to $15.

Overdue Notices

  • A first notice is sent after items are at least 14 days overdue. The notice lists the items not yet returned and the dates they were due. We do not assess the fine owed until the items are returned.

  • A final notice is sent when items are at least 30 days overdue. The final notice lists the items overdue and their cost if they are not returned. Returning the items and paying the fine is always less expensive.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

If you accumulate $5.00 or more in fines or fees, borrowing privileges are suspended until the obligation is reduced below $5.00.

Delinquent Accounts

Patron accounts that are $25 or more and 45 days overdue may be sent to a collections agency.

If There is a Discrepancy

The library makes every effort to be careful and thorough in loaning and checking in books. When you believe a mistake has been made, we check our records for any errors. In the case of a lost book we search the shelves a number of times. We also ask you to look at home for the item.

When no error can be identified or a lost item cannot be found we must rely on our record of the transaction. A refund is always made if a mistake can be identified. If you have paid for a lost book and find it at home within a year we will refund everything but the overdue fine.