The Public Works Department Operations Division is responsible for more than 248 (504 lane miles) of streets and roadways and more than 353 cul-de-sacs within the City of Ankeny.

  • Central Garage
    Public Works Operations is responsible for maintenance of the entire City Fleet of motorized equipment and vehicles including everything from plows and street sweepers to police vehicles.
  • Clean Up Events
    Public Works hosts several cleanup events to support spring cleaning, tire recycling, electronics and appliance recycling, tree trimming and leaf disposal several times a year at no cost to residents. View 2017 Clean Up Dates or view additional information here.
  • Snow and Ice Control
    The Operations Division makes every effort to safely, efficiently and economically remove snow and ice from Ankeny streets. Go to this section for more information about cul-de-sacs, mailboxes, parking, putting snow in the street, sidewalks and trash and recycling containers.
  • Street Maintenance
    The Operations Division uses a variety of practices to preserve and maintain the City's streets. Go to this section for more information about mowing, sidewalks, street intakes, street sweeping and street trees.
  • Traffic Safety
    The Operations Division works to provide a safe and efficient transportation system through the use of street lights, street signs and traffic signals. Report a problem with a traffic signal, here. Street lights are owned and operated by MidAmerican energy, report a problem with a streetlight here. For emergencies call 911 or Polk County Dispatch at 515-286-3333.

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