Appliances and Electronics

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Appliance and Electronic Recycling

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The City of Ankeny sponsors an Appliance and Electronics Recycling Day. The City of Ankeny is working with a vendor to allow residents to drop-off a number of household appliances and electronics. While most items are accepted free of charge, a fee is charged for monitors and televisions based on the size of the unit.

Items Accepted
Air Conditioners Lead-Acid Batteries only 
Cell Phones
Center Isle Cabinets
Computer Monitors* Computer Systems Copies Dehumidifiers
Dishwashers Dryers DVD Players Exercise Equipment
Fax Machines Furnaces Water Coolers/Heaters General Scrap Metal
Grocery Carts Metal Shelving Microwaves Plastic Business Signs
Pop Machines Printers
Push Mowers Refrigeration Units
Freezers Riding Lawnmowers Stoves TVs*
VCRs Video Game Systems Washers
*Prices For Computer Monitor and Television Recycling
Regular Sized TVs  $15 per unit
Console TVs $30 per unit
Big Screen TVs $30 per unit
Computer Monitors $15 per unit

Items Not Accepted
Appliances Filled With Food Chemicals Paint Propane Tanks
Tires Water Softeners Fluorescent Bulbs