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Our Commitment to You

The Finance Department is committed to providing our customers with the accurate, meaningful and timely financial information necessary for sound fiscal decision making and the safeguarding of City assets.

Our Functions

  • Preparing and filing budget documents and required financial reports.
  • Processing account payables and receivables including property tax, special assessment, and grant fund receipts.
  • Managing investment funds and banking relations.
  • Monitoring debt.
  • Maintaining fixed asset records.
  • Purchasing and sales of surplus property.
  • Managing our accounting system.
  • Maintaining financial policies and procedures.
  • Provide accounting services for the Polk County Aviation Authority.
  • Coordinating the independent audit of the City's financial records.

Department Mission

To provide sound financial management, protect the City's financial resources, provide accurate and timely financial reporting, and provide an overall high quality of financial services to the City's departments and citizens.

Department Goals

  • To collect revenue in an efficient and cost effective manner while providing outstanding customer service.
  • To make timely payments to vendors in an efficient, cost effective manner while protecting the City from fraud and waste.
  • To prepare financial reports that go beyond the minimum requirements to demonstrate transparency and full disclosure.