Fees and Fines

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Overdue, Lost & Damaged Items

  • $0.50 per day for DVDs and Blu-Rays
    Maximum $5.00 fine

  • $3.00 per day for equipment
    Maximum $15.00 fine

  • $0.20 cents per day for all other items (including interlibrary)
    Maximum $5.00 fine
  • If you accumulate $5.00 or more in fines or fees, borrowing privileges are suspended until account balance is below $5.00.
  • Patron accounts that are $25 or more and 45 days overdue may be sent to a collections agency.
  • If an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, you will be asked to pay the library's cost of replacing it. If an item is damaged, you will be charged a fee to cover the cost of repair.

Overdue Notices

  • A first notice is sent after items are at least 14 days overdue. We do not assess the fine owed until the items are returned.

  • A final notice is sent when items are at least 30 days overdue which lists the cost of the items if they are not returned.


  • If you believe a mistake has been made, we check our records and search the shelves for any errors.
  • A refund is always made if a mistake can be identified. If you have paid for a lost book and find it within a year we will refund everything but the overdue fine.