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    Teen Advisory Group (TAG) Spotlight

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    Each week the library features a member of the TAG- Teen Advisory Group to Spotlight.  This TAG member will be featured on this page,  in the local newspaper and on the Library Facebook page.


     Mason Bush-TAG Spotlight

    I’m a junior at Ankeny High School who’s involved in band, show choir, and tennis. Outside of school, I’m an Eagle Scout who likes to volunteer in the community. I’ve been volunteering at the library since fifth grade. I chose the library because my family practically lived there. My parents took us there to get books all the time, and my brother and I attended a lot of the summer reading and holiday events, so it made sense to help out at those same programs when I got older. In sixth grade, I joined the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) because I wanted to make a difference at the library by helping choose young adult materials, planning events, and sponsoring the Giving Tree at Christmas. I feel like I grew up at the library and now it’s important for me to give back so it can be for others what it’s been for me

     Nathan Neppl  

    Nathan Neppl -TAG Spotlight

    Hi, I’m Nathan. I am a sophomore at Ankeny Centennial High School, and I enjoy participating in swimming, band, and choir. I am a part of the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) at the library. When I was really young, my parents would take me to the library all the time for story time or other activities. I loved reading, and really enjoyed all of the different opportunities that were provided to me. I continued participating in the library’s events for a long time, including the summer reading program. Then when I was in 6th grade, I started volunteering and joined TAG. When I volunteer, seeing children around the library reminds me of when I was a kid getting my summer reading prizes or listening to a story.


     Robyn Hough

    Robyn Hough-TAG Spotlight

    My family moved to Ankeny in 2012, and the first thing I wanted to do was find where the library was and get myself a library card. Ever since, I've been what you call a "library rat." I joined TAG as soon as I was able, which was around 5th or 6th grade. From there, I joined other groups at the library, and volunteered at the Children's desk in the summer. I joined the Harry Potter club when I was in fourth grade, and that led me to join TAG because I had friends who also were in TAG. Whenever I would pick up or drop off some books, I would always look at the calendars to see what activities were available for me to join, and I would stop and talk to the staff if they were able to. When the library moved locations, I was excited to hear that we would have our own Teen Room. TAG got to help decide different colors for furniture in a few 2019 meetings, and we got to decorate bookends among doing other things at the March meeting this year. The library is one of my favorite places in Ankeny because of how much TAG and the library mean to me. It was the first place I found friends, a bunch of activities I could join and have fun with, and a whole lot of my favorite books.

     Breanna Cox  

    Breanna- TAG Spotlight

    Hello! I’m Breanna, a homeschooled junior who enjoys hiking, baking, and art. I have been a member of the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) for four years. Thanks to my parents, I’ve loved books since before I could read, and I may as well have grown up at the library. Countless hours were spent talking to the wonderful librarians, going to different programs, and walking around with enormous stacks of books. As soon as I hit sixth grade, I started volunteering, then joined TAG two years later. Being able to help out at events, watching young kids discover a power and joy in reading, is an experience that I am incredibly grateful for.

     Colton Colton- TAG Spotlight

    The library has played an important role in my life. Even from a young age I went to the library to get books that greatly improved my  education. I am so glad that I have been able to be a part of TAG, an organization of teens that helps improve the library. By being part of TAG I can help the community and people just like me to benefit from our library and it’s programs.

     Ben Majeski Ben- TAG Spotlight

    Hello, My name is Benjamin Majeski. I Am a Sophomore soon to be Junior. I have been a part of the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) since 7th grade! TAG means a lot to me! Even after I finish a TAG meeting, I immediately look forward to the next one! I enjoy talking with my friends, finding ways to improve the community, and talking about upcoming events at the library. The thing I love the most about TAG, is seeing the smiles of the kids when I volunteer at events that we plan. This is what TAG means to me!



     Sally- TAG Spotlight

    My name is Sally Wuest and I am a freshman at Dowling Catholic. When I was young,some of my favorite programs were story time with Sherry and Kelly, reading to a therapy dog that came to the library and dressing up to attend Trick or Read. I joined TAG when I was in 6th grade. I enjoy volunteering at the summer reading program and other special programs like Trick or Read and the New Year’s Eve party. I enjoy volunteering at programs because it brings back happy memories of me at the library. My favorite part of being in TAG is giving book recommendations to children and their families. It is a great honor to be a part of the TAG family.