PRSC Foundation and City's Role

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Prairie Ridge Foundation

A 501C(3) Foundation was formed to handle private fundraising for Prairie Ridge Sports Complex.

The Board of Directors is made up of representatives from the five youth sports organizations involved in the project. The groups are Little League, Club Soccer, Girls Softball, Junior Football and Parks & Recreation (City of Ankeny).

These groups made a pledge of $27/participant/year for five years. The cumulative total equals $385,000.00. The source of funds is as follows: user fees, $385,000; donations, $665,000; county, $400,000; grants, $50,000.

Role of the City

The Park Board will have the responsibility of oversight. The Board will serve as arbitrators between the sports groups, foundation and the city.

With the exception of a rental by someone outside the Foundation, the sports groups will have control of all revenue (concessions, parking, sponsorship, entry fees, gate admissions and merchandise). The purpose of this arrangement is to enable the sports groups to generate revenue to offset operation and maintenance costs.