Building Codes

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Codes Adopted by the City of Ankeny - 2018 I-codes w/amendments effective March 1, 2020

2018 Ankeny Building Code, Municipal Code Chapter 175

2018 Ankeny Existing Building Code, Municipal Code Chapter 182

2018 Ankeny Residential Code, Municipal Code Chapter 184

2018 Ankeny Mechanical Code, Municipal Code Chapter 176 

2018 Ankeny Property Maintenance Code, Municipal Code Chapter 177

2018 Ankeny Plumbing Code, Municipal Code Chapter 178 

2017 National Electrical Code (NFPA'70), Municipal Code Chapter 179 - Ordinance 1929 (PDF)

2018 Ankeny Fire Code, Municipal Code Chapter 180 

2018 Ankeny Fuel Gas Code, Municipal Code Chapter 181 

2012 Ankeny Energy Code, Municipal Code Chapter 175 

2018 Ankeny Swimming Pool and Spa Code, Municipal Code Chapter 183


Energy documents and Manual J & D documents can be emailed to:

PLEASE NOTE: There are several types of facilities, uses and building elements/equipment in Iowa that may fall within multi-jurisdictional purview, meaning they are regulated by both the City of Ankeny and the State of Iowa. This can lead to a set of regulations being more restrictive than another.  Please review the following list and contact the pertinent entities:

  1. State Fire Marshal’s Office: Education facilities, Daycares including adult, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, Elder Group Homes, Residential Care Facilities and intermediate care facilities for the intellectually disabled. Contact: (515)725-614,

  2. Iowa Department of Public Health: Swimming Pools. Contact : (515) 281-7689,

  3. Iowa Department of Human Services: Daycares. Contact: 1-800-972-2017,

  4. Department of Inspections and Appeals: Food Service Establishments/Health Inspection. Contact: (515) 281-7102,

  5. Iowa Workforce Development: Elevators, Boilers, and Amusement Rides: Contact: (515)281-5387 or (800)562-4692,

  6. Wastewater Reclamation Authority: Grease Interceptors. Contact: (515)323-8000,

  7. Iowa Civil Rights Commission: Handicap Accessibility provisions for Multi-Family Residential: Contact: (515-281-4121),

  8. Polk County Planning & Development: Septic systems and private wells: Contact: (515) 286-3705,

  9. Polk County Public Works: Air Quality/Environmental Air: Contact: (515) 286-3705,