All City of Ankeny buildings are closed to the public in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All residents, contractors and others are encouraged to do business with the City via phone, email or this website. Find contact information now.

These operational changes  are reflective of the suggested guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and the Iowa Department of Public Health. The City is committed to protecting its employees and citizens during this pandemic. View additional information on the City of Ankeny response and updates at

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    The administrative section of the Ankeny Police Department falls within direct control of the Chief. Budget expenditure, training, education, and policy and rule development all fall within this section. These issues are shaped by court decisions, federal and state mandates, laws, and community norms and values. In addition, the administrative section publishes the annual report and an assortment of information publications. A well-functioning department professionally develops its personnel to meet the needs of the community within all legal requirements. This includes projected staffing levels and resource allocation that fall within the parameters of the budget.

    Criminal Investigations Division

    The Criminal Investigations Division has an authorized strength of one captain, one lieutenant, eight detectives, one police technician, one records supervisor and five records clerks. Cases initiated by a patrol officer are assigned by the lieutenant to a detective for follow up. Detectives typically work a Monday through Friday schedule, although rotate in an on-call basis which allows for schedule shifting. This Division is responsible for crime scene response and investigation, as well as records requests from public and private entities and local, state and federal prosecutors.

    Operations Division

    The Operations Division has an authorized strength of one captain, two lieutenants, five sergeants, 34 police officers, and three community service officers. The sergeants and police officers within the Division work a rotating schedule of nine hour shifts - five days on, three days off. The Operations Division is responsible for providing basic police services while responding to calls for service. Traffic enforcement, accident investigation, investigation of minor criminal offenses, and crime prevention measures are undertaken by members of the Division. Members assist other Divisions as needed on an ongoing basis.