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In a growing community like Ankeny, there's a lot going on. That's why we think it's important to help give you the lay of the land using our mapping system.

  • City Service Locations - The City of Ankeny provides many services at a number of citizen contact points. Listed below are the staffed buildings, departments they house and general services they provide for citizens.

  • Construction Projects - The City of Ankeny Public Works Department is dedicated to providing citizens with up-to-date information about the construction projects taking place in their community.
  • Parks - The City of Ankeny has numerous developed parks and greenways for residents and visitors to enjoy. Learn more about their locations and amenities using this map.

  • Rental Facilities - From park shelters and the aquatic center to the Lakeside Center, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your next family picnic or graduation party. 

  • Development Map - As the fastest growing city in the Midwest, it is no wonder that we have new commercial development construction sites throughout Ankeny. What are they building? Check it out.
Total 167 facilities found.