Boards and Commissions

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The City of Ankeny has established a variety of boards and commissions for the following purposes:

  • To advise the City Council;
  • To hear and make decisions on appeals and variances;
  • To assist in the planning of parks, recreational programs, land use and zoning, airport planning and operations;
  • To assist in the promotion of performing and fine arts programming;
  • To assist with management of library services.

All board and commission members must be Ankeny Residents. Applicants are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

Terms for the boards and commissions vary and are established by the Municipal Code. All meetings of the boards and commissions are open to the public and agendas are prepared and available for public viewing.

To Apply

To apply for consideration, please fill out the online application form

For more information, contact the City Clerk's Office by phone at 515-965-6400 or e-mail.

Available Boards and Commissions

Board of Examiner's and Appeals

The City of Ankeny Board of Examiners & Appeals is compromised of five members appointed by the Mayor. The Board is empowered through Chapter 28 of the Municipal Code to hear appeals on decisions made in the enforcement of the Building and Construction chapter.

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Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission members serve four (4) year staggered terms. The Commission hears and determines all matters involving the rights of civil service employees and may affirm, modify or reverse any case on its merits.

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Cultural Arts Board

The Ankeny Cultural Arts Board members serve five (5) year staggered terms. The Board oversees quality control on public art projects and is responsible for developing funding policy, criteria, application procedures and allocation of arts funds and services and assists in developing the character of the City by providing an arts perspective in the planning of buildings, parks and public spaces.

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Economic Development Council

The Economic Development Council is comprised of eleven members appointed by the Mayor. The Council members represent various economic development perspectives. The Council provides input and expertise to assist the Economic Development Department staff in carrying out the Economic Development Action Plan. The Economic Development Council was established by Ordinance 1681 in October 2010.

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Human Rights Commission

The City of Ankeny Human Rights Commission consists of five (5) members who serve three (3) year staggered terms. Appointments shall take into consideration the various racial, religious, cultural and social groups and geographical areas within the City insofar as may be practicable and promote good will to minimize or eliminate discriminatory practices.

Library Board of Trustees

The library is a semi-autonomous administrative agency of the City of Ankeny. There are seven Trustees, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, who set library policy. The Trustees employ a Director and staff who are responsible for the library's day-to-day operation. The policies adopted by the Board of Trustees are available to the public. The Board reviews each policy on a yearly basis.

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Mayor's Youth Council

The Ankeny Mayor's Youth Council provides Ankeny's young people with an active role in addressing youth issues. Fifteen high school students are appointed to serve as volunteer representatives to advocate on behalf of Ankeny youth, inform them of existing opportunities and listen to suggestions on what the city can do to improve its youth oriented efforts. Serving on the Mayor's Youth Council offers leadership experience and active community involvement with the guidance of the Mayor, City Council and Ankeny Parks & Recreation.

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Park Board
The Ankeny Park Board serves to advise and assist the City Council in planning, establishing, purchasing, maintaining, supervising and improving parks, trails, open space and recreation facilities and to organize and administer a variety of recreation programs to meet current and future community needs.

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Plan and Zoning Commission

The general duties of the Commission are to make or have made surveys, studies, maps, plans or charts of the whole or any portion of the municipality and any land outside that, in the opinion of the Commission, bears relation to a comprehensive plan.

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Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is empowered through Chapter 414 of the Code of Iowa and Chapter 197 of the Muncipal Code to grant special exceptions as provided in the Zoning Ordinance and to hear appeals to decisions made in the enforcement of the Zoning Chapters.

The City of Ankeny Zoning Board of Adjustment functions as a safety valve through which landowners can seek relief from the strict application of a zoning ordinance.

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