The Communications Department serves as an information link between the community, City Council, City staff, and the media. It is also responsible for brand management and strategic communications on behalf of the City and partners with the City Council and City departments.

The department is responsible for planning and implementing a comprehensive communications program that includes: 

  • News releases
  • Social media
  • City websites
  • Citizen Survey
  • Surveys and focus groups
  • Special events
  • Community enhancement programs
  • Media relations
  • Advertising
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • And more

Ankeny Brand

The City of Ankeny's logo and tagline are trademarked to protect the City's reputation and promote a positive City image. The City does not permit the use of the brand name in any announcement, advertisement, publication, or report if such use in any way implies institutional endorsement of any product or service without permission from the City of Ankeny. To request to use the City of Ankeny logo, please email Amy Baker.

The City logo was designed and adopted in 2006. The logo represents an intersection of places, where its lines connect distinct areas of the logo like roads linking a metro. The color palette is striking, with red predominant to punctuate the energy surrounding the community. Blue and green complement the overall mark by creating a feeling of many entities coming together.