City Code

The Municipal Code is a set of laws for the City of Ankeny. It covers all aspects of City regulations, including, safety, public behavior, general welfare, zoning, and various development-related requirements.

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Ankeny is continuously growing and changing, therefore ordinances are frequently updated. 

Ordinances to Be Incorporated Into the City Municipal Code with the Next Quarterly Supplement

Municipal Code Quick Reference Guide

ChapterKey Information
Chapter 51 - Junk and Junk VehiclesThe definitions of debris and junk/nuisance vehicles.
Chapter 55 - Animal Protection and ControlDefinition of livestock, prohibited animals within City limits, restrictions on the number of animals that can be owned and information about keeping domesticated animals leashed, confined or at heel.
Chapter 56 - Dog and Cat Licenses RequiredLicense and vaccination requirements for pet owners. Download the license application on the Pet License page.
Chapter 57 - Dangerous and Vicious AnimalsDefinitions of vicious animals, prohibition thereof, penalty seizure, impoundment and disposition of animals judged dangerous.
Chapter 69 - Parking RegulationsRules related to parking, prohibited areas, adjacency to curb, snow routes and fire lanes.
Chapter 105 - Illicit Discharge to Storm Sewer SystemMaterials to be kept out of the City's storm sewer system, including sediment pollution (erosion/runoff), solvents, detergents, fertilizers, pesticides, litter, landscape waste (including leaves and grass clippings) and more.
Chapter 166 - TreesPlanting restrictions, permit requirements and duty of property owners to trim trees growing over City sidewalks. 
Chapter 167 - Noxious WeedsThe duty of property owners to maintain their property, vegetation height restrictions and exceptions.
Chapter 195 - Zoning Ordinance SignsThe placement of both temporary and permanent signage, including garage sale signs, political signs and more.