The Ankeny Fire Department places a high priority on maintaining an effective and progressive fire department by providing the necessary training and evaluation methods for our personnel. The Training Division strives to train and preserve its members in the highest possible degree of readiness for performing their various job duties. Every week crews are required to complete training. Each month, training will cover a wide range of topics and skills. In addition, shifts are encouraged to perform additional training in order to best prepare for the job (including physical fitness, fire suppression, and EMS).


The Ankeny Fire Department has been fortunate to receive home and vehicle donations that could be used in training exercises from Ankeny residents in the past. Old homes slated for demolition or a vehicle headed for the junkyard can turn trash into irreplaceable and highly valuable training for the Ankeny Fire Department. All donations are tax-deductible as well.

Do you have a home or vehicle you're interested in donating? Please contact Division Chief Adam VanderLeest for further information on this process.