Darius Potts

Police Department
Title: Chief of Police

Chief Darius Potts started his role at the Ankeny Police Department in August 2018. Prior to becoming Chief in Ankeny, he served as a Bureau Commander at the Arizona Department of Public Safety, where he was employed from 2015 to 2018. Prior to this service, he served for 23 years for the City of Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department, climbing the ranks and ultimately achieving the rank of lieutenant. He has considerable specialized law enforcement experience, including managing the Human Resources Bureau at Arizona DPS—an agency with 2,100 employees—and considerable experience in police administration and drug enforcement. In 2018, he served a three-month stint as Interim Police Chief in El Mirage, Arizona, while temporarily on loan from the Arizona DPS.

With 29 years of law enforcement experience, Chief Potts understands the importance of enforcing, developing crime prevention strategies, and improving the safety of his officers. Chief Potts believes a balance between enforcement and community partnerships is the blueprint for a successful police department and a safe community. Throughout his law enforcement career, he has created, developed, supervised, and directed creative and effective programs designed to combat and reduce criminal activities in communities while keeping his officers safe.

Chief Potts believes the members of the police department are ambassadors of the city. Out of many city employees, the police officers, and the department's professional staff have the most interaction with the community. With each contact, each member of the department must promote and practice the values and goals of the city. Therefore, it is critical for the leadership of the department to maintain the support of and for the officers, professional staff, city officials, and its citizens.


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