Traffic Unit

The Ankeny Police Department responded to and investigated 1,641 vehicle collisions in 2021. Most vehicle collisions are caused by:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speed
  • Running red lights

Duties & Responsibilities

The Ankeny Police Department Traffic Unit is responsible for:

  • Traffic enforcement
  • Special events coordination
  • School bus violations
  • Hit-and-run investigations
  • Respond to traffic violation complaints
  • Conduct traffic studies based on resident complaints
  • Special traffic enforcement projects focusing on distracted driving, drunk driving speed enforcement, and seat belt enforcement
  • Participate in Iowa Governor's Safety Bureau special enforcement projects

Unit Organization

Currently the traffic unit consists of three officers with the goal to expand to four officers and a sergeant.

Contact the Ankeny Police Traffic Unit

Complete an online form to report a traffic violation or issue. 

Thank you for helping us identify traffic violations in Ankeny!