Draining your pool/spa

Protect our waterways & the environment when draining your pool, hot tub or spa

Never drain water from pools, spas or hot tubs into your sump pump, the street, gutter or storm drain.

  • The same levels of chemicals like chlorine and copper that are used to keep your pool safe for swimmers can be harmful to fish and wildlife. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, salt water pools are not  environmentally friendly, salt water generates chlorine and produces the chemical byproduct bromoform, which is harmful to aquatic life.

How do I drain my pool or spa?

1. Prepare the water to be drained, test:

  • Discontinue the addition of salt and chlorine. 
  • Test the water to ensure chlorine is below 1.1 mg/L and the pH is between 6.5 and 8.5 prior to draining.
  • Three days of sunlight can reduce chlorine levels.inground pool with ladder

2. Drain your pool:

  • Via the sanitary sewer*
    • Drain your pool directly to the sanitary sewer via a drain in your home. 
    • Important note, most sump drains connect directly to the storm drain and our waterways, do not drain your pool through your sump pump.

*Preferred pool draining option for chlorine & only option for salt water pools.

  • Via your lawn**
    • Drain tested and properly ph balanced water over a 15 foot flat grassy or landscaped area (no paved surfaces).
    •  Keep the water flow low to prevent erosion of soil and vegetation.

**Secondary option for draining chlorine pools only. Never drain salt water into storm drain.

Common questions