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Board or Commission Application

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Employer Information
  3. May personal and business information be included in publications released for public viewing?
  4. This form assists the City in evaluating the qualification of applicants for appointment to a board or commission. State law requires political subdivisions to make a good faith effort to balance appointive boards and commissions and authorized by the Code of Iowa according to gender.
  5. I am interested in serving on:
  6. Area of Knowledge and/or Expertise
  7. Would you be able to attend regularly scheduled meetings?
  8. Do you sell to, or are you in any manner part to, any contract to furnish supplies, material, or labor to the City of Ankeny?
  9. Have you ever been employed by the City?
  10. Do you have any relatives working for the City?
  11. References
  12. If you are not selected for a position, do you wish to have your application retained on file?

    If not selected, your application will be retained for one year. This application is a public document and as such can be viewed, reproduced, or distributed to the public.

    In applying for an appointment, you understand the City Council may make inquiries in the community pertinent to your appointment.

    Typically new appointments will be made in January. Notification to all applicants will be completed by Jan. 31.

    If you have questions, please contact the City Clerk at 515-965-6405.

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