Annexation FAQ

Frequently asked questions about annexation in the City of Ankeny.. 

  1. What is annexation?

Annexation is a process that brings property into the City limits. No major changes in lifestyle or business operations are involved to the property owner being annexed. Annexation is the best way for unincorporated areas to receive services such as police, fire, recycling collection, water and sewer services, maintenance of streets, zoning regulations, voting privileges and other city services. The result is a change in the boundaries of the community and it’s one of the primary ways a city grows. 

  1. What is the annexation process?
  1. Are there different types of annexation?
  1. What are the benefits of being annexed into the City of Ankeny?
  1. What if I do not want to be annexed, but my neighbors do?
  1. What is zoning? What will THE zoning of my property be after annexation?
  1. Will my address change?
  1. How will my taxes change after annexation?
  1. Am I required hook up to City water service when it comes near my property?
  1. Will there be rural water or city connection fees? Can I connect to the new water main with my existing service line? What inspections will I need?
  1. Am I required to hook up to the sanitary sewer when it comes near my property? Will there be connection fees? What inspections will I need?
  1. Will my police, fire and emergency services change?
  1. Will my electric service change?
  1. Can I continue to heat using LP gas?
  1. Am I required to connect to natural gas?
  1. Will I have to change my garbage and recycling services?
  1. If annexed, do I obtain building permits from the County or City?
  1. Can I have farm animals?
  1. Is open burning allowed?
  1. Will my school district change upon annexation?