Building Information

A permit is required for any construction that physically changes or adds structure to a property or for work regulated by city codes or ordinances. 

Apply For Permit

A list of building permit applications, submittal requirements, and guidelines is available on our Building Permit Application page.

Submit Applications Via Email

Email Building Permit Applications and Plan Documents
Note: Building permit applications and plan documents should be in PDF format and may be limited in size 

Email Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Permit Applications

Email Energy Documents and Manual J&D Documents

Web Portal Users: If you have an account through the Ankeny One Stop portal, please download all energy and MPE documents directly to the permit through your web portal account. If you are an energy rater please work with your builder in providing these documents to them for their submittal.

Permit Costs

Review Process

No construction is allowed until the permit is issued. Once the permit application and accompanying plans have been submitted, it will take approximately five working days to review residential applications and about 10 working days or more, depending on the project scope, to review commercial applications and to process the plans. Following approval of the plan and payment of fees, a permit will be issued.


The type and number of inspections depend on the project. 48 hours' notice is required. Our Inspection line is 515-963-3533.

Climatic & Geographic Design Criteria

  • Ground Snow Load: 30 PSF
  • Flat Roof Snow Load: 24 PSF
  • Wind Speed: 90 MPH
  • Seismic Design Category: A
  • Frost Line Depth: 42 inches

Contractor Updates

Annually, the city holds a meeting to update contractors on upcoming code changes, changes to department policy, and discussions on permitting, fees, inspections, construction, and common field practices to code requirements.

Annual Contractor Update Meeting Presentations

Cold Weather Concrete Policy

The Cold Weather Concrete Policy (PDF) reflects the standard of care required to place and cure concrete, masonry mortar, and grout when the temperature drops below code and standard practice temperatures as identified in the adopted building code and referenced guidelines.

National Weather Service Forecast Office Point Forecast: Ankeny IA