Child Passenger Safety Seats (Car Seats)

Child Passenger Safety Seat Awareness

Non-use and mis-use of child passenger safety seats (car seats) are on the rise nationwide. In the year 2021, 31% of child occupant deaths were unrestrained. In addition, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 46% of child safety seats are improperly installed. NTSHA estimates that child safety seats reduce the risk of fatal injury for 71% of infants and 54% of toddlers nationwide. Not only is it safer for your child to be using a properly installed child safety seat, it is also the law.

Common child passenger safety seats errors:

  • The wrong type of child safety restraint
  • Safety harness too loose or not attached
  • Child safety seat not properly installed in vehicle
  • Child safety seat facing in wrong direction
  • Complete nonuse of a safety restraint

 Am I using the right seat?

  1. Rear-Facing
  2. Forward-Facing
  3. Booster Seat
  4. Seat Belt
  • A rear-facing infant carrier or a rear-facing convertible seat should be used from birth until your child reaches the seat’s upper weight or height limit.
  • Can be used up to 40 pounds or longer depending on the manufacturer.
  • Rear-facing harness straps should be positioned at or below your child’s shoulders.
  • Rear-facing seats should be installed at the angle determined by the car seat manufacturer.

Take the NTSHA quiz to find out if you're using the right seat now.

Unsure? Good news - the Ankeny Police Department is here to help!

The Ankeny Police Department has certified child passenger seat technicians (CPST) on staff to assist the public with car seat installation. The Ankeny CPSTs are here to educate expecting parents, current parents, grandparents and caregivers. The technicians are not here to install your child safety seat for you, rather they will educate you on the proper installation, answer car seat questions, and to be a resource to the community for child passenger safety seat awareness. CPSTs will work with you to assure you are knowledgeable about the installation and you will leave with the seat properly installed.  We currently have two ways to assist parents and grandparents with child safety seats.   

Child Seat Safety Check Appointments

You may schedule an appointment by calling 515-346-6281 or emailing CPST Granger. Please leave your name, phone number, the type of car you are driving and the car seat you have purchased in the message. The CPST will return your message to set up an appointment. Please note, CPSTs are not always on duty, so be sure you have two or three appointment dates available. Depending on your child safety seat and your vehicle, your appointment could take up to 30 minutes. When you attend your appointment, be sure to have the car seat, the owner’s manual to the car seat, the owner’s manual for your vehicle, and the child if possible.

Child Safety Seat Check Events

The Ankeny Police Department will regularly schedule larger child seat check events, where several CPSTs from around the state of Iowa will be in one location. Please allow time, CPSTs will assist the public on a first come, first serve basis. Please have your car seat, car seat owner's manual, the owner’s manual to your car, and the child if possible with you at the event. 

Can't make it to an event or can't wait until the next event? 

Schedule an appointment with a certified child passenger seat technician Sunday - Thursday:

Please let us know the type of car seat and what kind of vehicle you have when scheduling the appointment.

Thank You Sponsors

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