Street Signs & Signals

Missing or Damaged Stop Signs

Stop signs that are missing or damaged are considered urgent and require a quick resolution. If you see an existing stop sign that is missing or damaged, please call Polk County Dispatch at 515-286-3333.

Concerns Regarding Signs Other than Stop Signs

Concerns regarding other regulatory or street name signs can be reported through our Sign Issue Reporting form.   

Concerns Regarding Traffic Signals

Occasionally, equipment failure, power fluctuations, and damaged or burned-out lights will prevent a traffic signal from working effectively. Knowing the specific details such as the time of day, weather conditions, traffic, and direction of approach helps us to identify and resolve the issue. Traffic Signal concerns can be reported through our Traffic Signal Reporting Form.

If you encounter a traffic signal in a "red flash" operation, please respond as if the intersection is controlled by stop signs, come to a complete stop, and proceed if clear. Traffic signals in "red flash" should be reported to Polk County Dispatch at 515-286-3333, at any hour of the day.

Cameras at Signalized Intersections

Most signalized intersections in the City have several cameras mounted on the pole assemblies. These cameras are used for vehicle detection to operate the intersection or for real-time observation of traffic or incident conditions. The City does not record or store video from the traffic signal cameras. 


The City leases a majority of the streetlights within the City from MidAmerican Energy. If a streetlight is not working in your neighborhood, please call MidAmerican Energy at 888-427-5632 or use the MidAmerican Energy Streetlight Repair Request online form.