Street Trees

Benefits of Trees

  • Increase property values
  • Produce oxygen and clean the air
  • Reduce flooding and water pollution
  • Calm traffic
  • Absorb traffic noise and increase privacy


Before planting any tree within the public right of way, a street tree permit (PDF) needs to be submitted for approval.


The care and maintenance of street trees are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. All street trees that are within the public right of way along your property need to be pruned, cared for, and maintained. The tree branches are required to be at least 15 feet above the surface of the street and at least 8 feet above the surface of the sidewalk.


The City will remove any street tree that is determined to be dead, diseased, or dying at no cost to the adjacent property owner. If you have a street tree in this condition, please use this Report a Street Tree form and provide the location of the street tree, your name, and your daytime phone number.