Licenses & Permits

By State and Municipal regulation, certain licenses and permits are required within the City of Ankeny.

Applications for licenses and permits require the submission of a written application and any additional forms requested by multiple departments. Issuance and revocation procedures are established by the Municipal Code.

Building Information

A permit is required for any construction that physically changes or adds structure to a property or for work regulated by city codes or ordinances.

City Code

The Municipal Code is a set of laws for the City of Ankeny. It covers all aspects of City regulations, including, safety, public behavior, general welfare, zoning and various development related requirements.

Liquor License

The City Clerk's office processes all beer permits and liquor licenses in accordance with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Division's rules and regulations.

Noise Permit

Chapter 44.06 of the City's Municipal Code requires a permit for any use of sound equipment upon the public right-of-way, in any building or upon any public or private premises, if the sound emitted is plainly audible from the public right-of-way within the City.

The City of Ankeny requires anyone moving an oversize/overweight load within the corporate limits of Ankeny to obtain an Oversize/Overweight Permit in accordance with City Code Chapter 66 and Iowa Code Section 321.

Plan Reviews & Operational Permits

The Fire Department is involved in the commercial development process to review plans for all new or updated commercial buildings in order to verify the compliance of fire alarms, fire suppression, and other fire protection systems.

Right of Way Permits

Work within City of Ankeny public rights-of-way or within other assets under City jurisdiction likely requires a right-of-way permit. Anticipated roadway lane and sidewalk or trail closures may also require our right-of-way permit.

Special Event Permits

Large events require a special events permit.

Street Closure

Large events require a special events permit.