Violent Intruder Program (VIP)

Learn to make potentially lifesaving decisions by participating in the Ankeny Police Department's Violent Intruder Program.

V.I.P. is based on the US Department of Homeland Security’s RUN, HIDE, FIGHT concept; common sense information that is not common knowledge. The Violent Intruder Program is geared toward violence in the workplace however, these concepts can be utilized where ever danger presents itself. Deadly killings have occurred in schools, college campuses, shopping malls, movie theaters, public and private buildings.

Every event is unique so there is no single solution available. The Ankeny Police Department’s VIP program provides valuable information that will allow you to increase your ability to assess your surroundings, and react with the appropriate personal situational response. This concept is being taught across the country as an effective way to prepare people to respond should they become the victim of a violent mass killer. Active killer events are occurring at an alarming rate with no predictability as to when or where the next one may take place. Have you considered the possibility that you could be a victim, and what to do if you were? There are options available to you that can increase your chances of survival.